Bella Solutions is a private concierge network of Med/Spa/Health providers who share the common desire to provide exceptional customer experiences to their clients.  (This singular interest is the singular commonality besides they are all cool people, too.)   Each participating Bella Solutions expert is independent of the others and, in most cases own their own businesses and practices.

Why does Bella Solutions work so well?

Bella Solutions thoroughly vets its experts prior to permitting them to be a part of the network.  Each is invited to participate by an affirmative quorum of their network peers and they may leave Bella–or be asked to leave Bella–at any time.  In short, if an expert consistently falls short of Bella’s standards for excellence, we will replace that person.

As for satisfaction, Bella’s only assurance is that we will always maintain the strongest network containing the very best experts possible.  Ultimately, the burden of satisfaction lies with the individual service provider, so ask them about theirs.

How did you select the listed service professions.

Our network is a result of experience, surveys and anecdotes.  It is constantly growing, changing and evolving.  The general idea of our selections, however, is that we want to serve people in the most natural, non-medical, non-toxic, minimally-invasive ways possible.

I believe my services will benefit Bella’s network. How do I participate?

We first suggest that you read all the pages of this website.  (It’s not a very large site and should only take a few minutes.)  Next, determine if your specialty is complementary to the existing listed professionals.   If you overlap much with another, you will have to provide compelling reasons for acceptance.  From there, use the Contact Us form to tell us about you and we will begin a screening process.